Lifetime of Bot-Powered Social Media Marketing

Automate Your Social Media Marketing, Engagement, and Conversions by Deploying AfloatChat Bots

Capitalize On Growth Opportunities

A power-packed social media marketing platform for businesses and social media management agencies.

Unleash Your Brand Potential With AfloatChat

AfloatChat is more than just a pathbreaking automation tool. It brings extraordinary growth potential for businesses of all sizes. Its ROI-focused design empowers businesses to achieve better and more conversions intelligently.

No Coding Required

Create and deploy intelligent social media bots without the hassle of coding, testing, and managing the bot

Proven Track Record

A robust chatbot platform that’s tested and deployed by hundreds of businesses. Rely on the most trusted chatbot platform

Unprecedented Control

Automate engagement, send bulk messages, reply to individual users, and build your followers list rapidly

Harness The Power of Social Media to Grow Your Business

There are over 3.5 billion social media users. Even if you engage with a fraction of them, your business will witness an explosive growth. AfloatChat empowers you to dramatically improve the quality of engagement with your audience, captivate their attention, and convert them into clients.

A Social Media Marketing Platform That Evolves With You

As you witness exponential growth, your social media marketing platform should evolve to meet your needs. AfloatChat is engineered to meet your growing needs. AfloatChat allows organizations to customize the platform to their changing business goals, no matter how complex they are.

AfloatChat is a revolutionary, world’s very first, most powerful marketing software for Facebook. The magic part of AfloatChat is to send promotional message to pages old & new messenger leads, where all other service allow to send only non-promotional messages & new leads.

Lifetime Deal

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  • Bulk Message Campaign
  • Auto Comment Tools
  • Lead Generator
  • Page Inbox & Notification Manager
  • Page Posting Features



  • Every Thing in FreeLance
  • API & Developer Tools
  • Auto Comment Tools
  • Add Unlimited Pages & Accounts
  • Messenger Checkbox



  • Everything From Professional
  • Combo Poster
  • M.Me Links
  • Announcement/Broadcast
  • Feed-Based Auto Posting

Deploy AfloatChat Bot Today!

You will be able to set your messenger bot for multiple pages. The bot can reply with text, post back button, quick reply, image, video, template, carousel template & so on. Setting up your messenger bot with Bot Inboxer will reply all your customers in messenger very fast.


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